Repay Kindness with Kindness!

A long time ago men would help each other when they saw others in need, they would do whatever it took to help the ones in need. even if it meant giving up their precious belongings! Yahusha always said that what you did for others, would be repaid 10 fold! I know this for aContinue reading “Repay Kindness with Kindness!”

Which Path will you choose?

We must put away our desires of the flesh and the desires of the world and replace those desires with the desire to do the Father’s will! Then and only then will we attain everlasting life! Satan is the ruler of this world! Rebuke him and all he has to offer and embrace the FatherContinue reading “Which Path will you choose?”

You Are Not Alone!

Do you feel like everyone has abandoned you? I know how you feel! Sometimes it seems that we are left alone in this world! The people who claim to love us sometimes leave because they have a difference of opinion. or for many other reasons, they turn their backs ON US! Remember though that theContinue reading “You Are Not Alone!”

The Virus! A Sign From God?

You can take all those vaccines you want and this virus will just mutate again! Do you really think you can escape the Fathers judgement on this world! You did not listen to the words and warnings about your sinful nature! Now it’s time to pay the price! As it was written now it isContinue reading “The Virus! A Sign From God?”

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