Will You Endure, To The End?

This Is an older post! I just use it to glorify my Father in heaven!

Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

I just went through the most trying month I’ve ever went through. I have a very high tolerance for pain but let me tell you all my faith was tested this time because this pain was almost to much for me! I had a ringworm on my leg and was told to cook an onion and let it cool but let it stay warm and put it over the ringworm! I was doing this and sure enough the ringworm was going away. One day I repeated this but at times I go completely numb. This was one of those days. I cooked the onion and left to go to the bathroom and my memory is very short. I didn’t realize that I had just took it off the stove and it was boiling hot. I never felt it burning me. I wrapped it over the ringworm and feel asleep! When I woke up, I took it off and it had burned a hole all the way to my bone!

At first it didn’t hurt to much but it kept making a bigger hole until it was as big as a silver dollar! It was a 3rd degree burn. I was told to use honey on it, so I did just that! Let me tell you that putting honey on a burn that bad will cause you to come unglued with pain, like I’ve never felt before! I called out to the Father to kill me! I had to walk all night and day to help my pain and I sang to my Father and prayed continuously for relief! When it got so bad that I felt I just couldn’t go on He would give me relief! I would go completely numb and then I could lay down and sleep a few hours but it wasn’t long before I was in pain again!

Well I almost had it healed after taking bottles of aspirin and Advil mixed! I was told I need to cover it, so I put a band aid on it! Later it began to hurt real bad and I just couldn’t take it, something went wrong! I called the ambulance and they came and looked at it and I took off the band aid and puss ran out of it and it was swelling! Three paramedics looked at it and said it was ok! My blood pressure was 250 over 150 and these guys said I was ok and left! I put on another band aid and a little while later it was unbearable! All night long I suffered like I never had before, so I took off the band aid and it tore off some of my skin and bleed profusely! It was swollen and it felt like the devil was stabbing me with a hot ice pick over and over, it was none stop! I screamed in pain and I bawled and I called out to my Father to please end my misery! I confessed every sin I ever committed and ask Him to forgive me! I even asked Him, why was He punishing me and did I do something wrong, over and over I told Him if I was bad that I was deserving of whatever I had done, please forgive me! I praised Him because He is a just God and I know I’m just an imperfect human!

The next day I called the ambulance again and I was crying and I told them I couldn’t bare this anymore! I need help! They came and looked at it I was crying because the pain was so bad, I couldn’t take it no more! They take me to the hospital and the paramedic ask me what happened! I told her the story and she looked at me and said you can’t put a band aid on a burn like that, it causes a reaction! I lost part of my hearing and some of my sight. I couldn’t stand up without getting dizzy! So they put some burn paste on it that made it worse, so the Dr. gave me a shot, It had no effect, so they came back and told me I had neuropathy in that leg that it intensified the pain immensely! They gave me a second shot and some meds and oxycontin! I passed out then they came and told me I could go home and gave me cream to deaden it! He gave me a prescription of oxy cotton, I told him, I couldn’t take oxycontin, I’m and ex attic. He ignored me and I went home with no pain meds! I slept all day but when the meds wore off, it just got worse so I put some more honey on it! Well that was the wrong thing to do, the pain I had felt before was doubled now. I began to pace the floor crying to my Father to please kill me! I asked over and over and I cried so hard that I ran out of tears! I rebuked the devil many times and I told him do what you want, I will not curse my Father for any amount of pain! I sang to the Father and talked to Him and Yahusha continually! I kept thinking of Job and the pain him and Yahusha must have gone through and that this was temporary! I kept thinking of the prize that was ahead of me, if I could endure to the end!

This ordeal lasted over a month! There were times, I felt the angels holding me up because I was weak from very little sleep and my calves were so tight from pacing, I could barely stand. But never did I curse my Father and I know if we endure this world and all the devil brings against us, the prize at the end will be worth all the pain and suffering we will have to endure now, will be worth it. I know one day, I will be with my Father and His Son and peace I will have and a love so grand, I will forget all the pain and suffering I’ve endured on this earth!

There will always be a rainbow at the end of your storm! His name is Yahuah! The King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Praise His Holy name Forever And Ever!

Preach the gospel to all men till its time to go home!


Published by Tobias

I'm a Child of Yahuah I'm spreading the gospels of Yahusha. Yahuah is the true name of God and His Sons name is Yahusha. The true Savior !!

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