Who Is Really The Pet?

Who really are the pets here?

I’m going to do something different! Not everything is bad you know! So I’m changing my daily sin blasting for some fun! It is ok to have fun you know! We are still human!

I wonder sometimes about people and their pets or Pets and their people? Lol.

I have watched people with their pets and believe me I’ve seen some funny stuff. I see post on Facebook and twitter and a lot of other places on the net and in real life.

I’ve seen pets take over the family home and the owners (so they like to call themselves I wonder who owns who? LOL) The love of a pet is a very beautiful thing. Is it not? Sometimes a pet can replace a human so easily, because they give unconditional love to we as humans. They can give comfort when no one else can.

Some of us out here prefer dogs or cats even rats(Whatever your preference may be) to the love of another human. Myself this is the case. Id rather have a dog than a wife and kids. I’m like many of you out there my animals control me I don’t control them. I actually prefer it that way. I’d rather cuddle up with my dog than I would a woman.(to many heartbreaking experiences with the opposite sex)

Love your animals no matter what that animal might be. I know that many of us are outraged by those who abuse these beautiful creatures. I know I am it breaks my heart to see animals being abused and makes me very angry, that someone is so low to abuse animals and children and the elderly.

Humans can be quite cruel at times but I know there are many like me who will kick your ass for abusing anyone or any animal.( I might be a child of God, but don’t test my limits) We are living in a time of cruelty!! People have lost their natural affection for nature and animals and each other.(Something I won’t let happen to myself)

I have a great love for man, nature and animals. It’s a part of me I seem to cherish about myself. I know most of my post are warnings of sin and I do preach a lot about my Creator and His Son. I do this because of love. I don’t want to see anyone die, man or animal, whether it be a child or adult.

Love is lacking in our day now. So be that person who gives to the poor, picks up a stray gives it a home and show some love!!! Many out there in need of a loving soul, so be that soul!! Pick up a homeless person get them something to eat, If you can’t do that give them a few dollars (don’t worry what they will do with it just do it)

You see an animal starving without a home, Give it a home. If you can’t, take it to an animal shelter, be the person that loves creation and loves God enough to take few minutes of your time to care for something besides yourselves, and say I love you to anyone who is in need. I know myself I love to hear it, even from a stranger.

Love your neighbor as you would yourselves!! Even if you just smile at someone in the store or anywhere, it can change a persons day. Bless you all!!

Praise be to our Father! Love others as He loves us!


Published by Tobias

I'm a Child of Yahuah I'm spreading the gospels of Yahusha. Yahuah is the true name of God and His Sons name is Yahusha. The true Savior !!

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