The Children!

Yahusha loved children! They meant the world to Him! I’m the same way, I love children! I was never blessed with any but I adopted my friends kids! Believe me, I had many kids I adopted as my family, a long time ago! I would go to my friends house and I spent the majority of my time playing with all the kids and their friends! My friends use to say I was just a big kid! At first they thought I was kind of weird but I told them that I never had a real childhood and later proved no matter how messed up I was, that their children were very important to me! It was like I was a child to! I had over 13 God children before it was all said and done! They were like mine and though we were not related, they all called me uncle! They loved me unconditionally!

Oh I such a good time playing for hours with them trying to relive something I never had as a child! My dad hated me and never actually let me be a kid, so even though I was an alcoholic and drug attic I could never harm those children! I would however, killed anyone who would harm them! I wasn’t a child of God by any means but they softened my hard heart! As for adults, I would have killed a man, just as soon as look at them! I had a strong hatred for men! Only two men impressed me enough to call me friend and I made a bond with them! It only happened twice in my life!

Now they are gone and my life will never be the same without them! I miss those days with them and I miss them very much! They made my life bearable as long as they were around me! The only time I felt anything at all, was when I was with them! I have never really liked being around adults because inside I’m still just a kid!

I have never really grown up but now my Father in Heaven has a job for me and I’ve had to put away the child in me for now! I have high hopes, if I make it to heaven that I can play again with children! He said if we do His will we would be rewarded! As for the rewards, He never said exactly what they were! Myself I believe it will be my hearts desire! I would once again play like a child with billions of children and lay with a lion and have many pets and their would be endless forest to lay under the trees and be with my Father and His Son being loved eternally!

That’s my dream of Heaven! I pray every day and night for Him to take me home out of this hell I’m in now! I cry all the time for Him to take me, so I can be with Him for eternity! I hope its soon! Until then I have to finish His work! I will do anything He says no matter what, To be by His side! That’s my dream!

Repent of your sins and your dreams will come true! This world has nothing worth living for, not like what He has to offer! Riches bring misery! Sex is nothing compared to Heaven! Nothing on earth holds a candle to what He has shown me in my dreams! Do you want what He offers or what Satan offers? His offer is temporary but his rewards are everlasting torment in the lake of fire! Your choice! Eternal love peace and joy? Eternal torment and pain? You chose which road to follow! The right hand path filled with pitfalls and many obstacles to pass! Or the wide path too destruction! An easy road to follow!

As for me Ill take the rocky road and I know the results of taking this road will be painful! It already is! But at the end our Father waits with open arms to take us home! Yahusha waits there to for us to have eternal love with them!

All praise and glory to our Father and Our King Of Kings!


Published by Tobias

I'm a Child of Yahuah I'm spreading the gospels of Yahusha. Yahuah is the true name of God and His Sons name is Yahusha. The true Savior !!

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