People all over the world are starving! America throws away enough food to most likely feed them all! Its ashamed they throw it into the garbage without a thought of those going hungry! Yes that’s your so called great country! Politicians eat steak and lobster going to their flesh party’s, while many are being thrown from their homes! You support baseball teams and football teams who shoot up or snort your hard earned money, that you throw away to watch a baseball game that you should have taken your kids to the park and enjoyed that time playing with them or taking your wives out to dance the night away in each others arms!

You pay outrageous prices for homes because you had to have the best! You work your lives away at jobs that rip you off for as much as they can suck off of you! There are many who starve on the very streets of your so called great country, while you pass them on the streets without a care! You go to your churches and give your penitence to make your preachers rich but those who are hungry you pass by! Your churches tell those in need they need to be members in order to get help!

I don’t remember Yahusha saying that you needed to be a member of anything to get fed! He fed the sinners and anyone hungry but you claim you know Him! I wonder when you stand before Him, will He even know you! Read the scriptures and find out for yourselves! We tire of watching you claim you know Him but at the same time you ignore everything He taught! You are in for a big surprise! Read the Bible to find out what you are in for or just go on believing your satanic ministers!

Your governments take your children and turn them into killers and rapist! That’s the devils work they do and then you have the audacity to send them to die and your faces filled with pride as they go off to die for their corrupt government! They invade the poor countries and very few lend them a hand! You are pathetic and if you do not turn from this evil world of lust, greed, and murders, you call leaders! The price you pay will be the highest price a man can pay! Everlasting fire! You choose Trump knowing he was a pervert, He even told you so and you rallied for him like he was a god!

That’s America the great! You put your trust in a flag that represents blood upon blood and you worship it by pledging allegiance to it! You are a blind people and if you decide to hate me good, I personally don’t care! We give allegiance to our Father, not flags or money or your evil world whatsoever! If I never get another like in the rest of my life, I will not stroke your egos or like anything you are! So be it! Id rather be doused in gasoline then lit, than to have anything to do with this world!

Praise be to the Father and let your world be damned to the Lake of Fire! It was your choice now live with it!

Think I’m heavy? Just wait, things are heating up! Oh I forgot your too blind to see that tribulation has already begun! Oh that’s right, the Father has blinded you because you sought unrighteousness’! Have fun with that! Ill see you all on the day of Judgement! I hope by then that at least some of you will see! THE TRUTH!


Published by Tobias

I'm a Child of Yahuah I'm spreading the gospels of Yahusha. Yahuah is the true name of God and His Sons name is Yahusha. The true Savior !!

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