Sometimes the past can haunt you forever! Guilt can consume you to the point where you never fell worthy of Him! His love for us is beyond any love you will ever feel! Even knowing He has forgiven me and I accepted His Son as my Savior! I have never gotten over the things I had done! I wonder when this guilt will pass from me! No matter what I do. no matter all the good deeds I do now! I cant seem to escape the guilt inside of me! I wonder if it is my punishment for all my past sins!

I know with Him one day He might take me from here and erase all the bad things I have done! Only He knows the answer to that question! A warning, I give to you! Never harm another! Make sure you treat others as He would treat you! If you see someone in need reach out to them and help them through whatever they need! Never turn away the hungry! Never leave a friend behind and even if it cost you your life, then give it because eternal life will be given to those who sacrifice for their fellow man!

One day I will stand before my Father and I will be on my face asking His forgiveness for all the evil things I have done! I hope He has mercy on me but to be truthful no matter what I do, I don’t deserve it! The rest of my life here on earth will be to make amends for my sins! Don’t do what I did! Be loving and kind to one another as He has loved you! Cast off hate! Do not let this world do to you what it did to me because regret is an awful punishment to your soul! Even when you do repent, sometimes your punishment is not over until the day He calls you home! It is a reminder to never again do evil to another! I deserve this, I know I do! I cant give those I’ve harmed their lives back but I can do good for the reminder of my time here!

I will give my life to Him and any others who need me! He laid down His life for us and we must be willing to do the same! Because of His sacrifice we were given a special gift of eternal life with the Father! Only when I’m dead, will my sins be buried to! Live life like there’s no tomorrow but do it with righteousness’ in your hearts! Don’t let the world deceive you into believing they can offer you a better deal, because that is a lie! Satan rules this world and the Father allows him to do anything he can, to deceive you! This is the Father testing us to see what extrema’s we will go to, to do His will! He wants only those who will sacrifice everything for Him! That’s true love and nothing on earth can compare to that love! What will you sacrifice to be with Him forever and ever?

Praise His Holy name Forever and Ever! Yahusha ty to for your sacrifice for all men! Repent of your sins and sin no more and He will be waiting at the end of that messy road to life with His arms open and then and only then, will your suffering end and then a glorious reward awaits you!

As for me, I shall serve my Father to the end!

Amen And Amen!

Published by Tobias

I'm a Child of Yahuah I'm spreading the gospels of Yahusha. Yahuah is the true name of God and His Sons name is Yahusha. The true Savior !!

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