Today on Social Medea the morals of people are no more! They post nudity and other sexual content for all the world to see! They don’t care if your children see the filth they publish! Its a crying shame that some of us have to search these people out and turn them in! Wow this most certainly is the devils world now! I’m sickened by all the filth I have to look at!

Not only is their nudity everywhere but other things to! Violence and post with people torturing animals! You disgusting freaks! I love all of my Fathers creation and to watch the things you do to animals and other people are disgusting! Then people wonder why I locked myself away in my house and only go out late at night to breath some fresh air! Then I return to my self made prison, avoiding mankind as much as I can! I order everything I need online now!

I never go to town because all you see is unhappy people with blank looks on their faces! If you can even see their faces at all! Everyone now wears a mask! This world sucks! The funny thing is the majority when about to die, will go to any measure to stay alive in this God forsaken world! Go figure! They claim to know the Father but fear the very thing that send them home to Him! They lack faith and fear the unknown!

Going home to my Father is all I think about now and fear I lost many years ago! Fear is of the devil and those who have fear, also have little hope! Overcome your fears before they destroy you!

Help clean up the net for the sake of your children! If I had children I wouldn’t let them near a computer now unless I sat right behind them watching their every move! I used to greave the fact that I had no children! You don’t know how much I would have loved that and to this day I sometimes still cry for missing out on the joy of children!

The truth is this I’m glad I never had them and I’m glad to be single! I would have driven myself crazy trying to protect them from this evil ball of hate! If you have children treat them with love and put them on a pedestal! That will never happen for me and the joy I would have had is gone forever! I know one day ill be with my Father in heaven and I believe sincerely that if I want I can be a child again and play forever with all the other children while our Father watches over us and love will be like none other that I ever had! That is my dream and soon it will come to fruitarian!

I only hope that your children are safe because they are the most important people on this planet! Keep them safe by your side and never let them go! Make sure when they get on the computer watch them closely! I envy you, I really do, missing out on what you have been given tears my soul apart!

Even though it hurts I know He will one day reward me for doing His will and that gives me solace! I love my Father with all my heart and soul and His Son as well, these two are my friends and family and will never let me down! Only with them will I ever regain true happiness and true love!

All praise and glory to the Father! He knew what was best for me!


Published by Tobias

I'm a Child of Yahuah I'm spreading the gospels of Yahusha. Yahuah is the true name of God and His Sons name is Yahusha. The true Savior !!

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