Everyone Dies!

I’ve known for quite sometime that my end was coming! I have had the most remarkable life and I could write book after book on it! It was never dull! I didn’t have a 9 to 5 job. I was a traveler. I spent my whole life going from one place to another almost endless adventure, day after day! I spent years on the highways and each day, new people and new adventures! I had begun to think I might be immortal but the tales i had told made me somewhat immortal to the ones I knew long ago!

Now that time is coming to an end and the drs want me to take their crappy meds but I cant put that crap in my body! I do try to extend this life as much as I can by eating right and herbs for the pain and my health! I never again want another drug to enter my body! I deserve what’s happing to me no doubt! I left behind a lot of pain I inflicted on many, many, people! Yes the Father forgave me for my sins but remember King David and many others suffered for their indiscretions! Just because we repent of our sins doesn’t mean we will live a normal life! Yahusha ask me to send His messages to everyone I could and I’ve obeyed His every command with joy in my heart!

Many times my body went numb because the pain was more than I could bare but He always said He would carry us when we got to weak to carry on! The footsteps in the sand is more than just an illustration its for real! When you feel weak, let Him carry you for awhile but know that you have to make it most of the way alone! In Him we can have the strength we need to make it down the rocky road to life everlasting to His arms and finally meet our true hero!

No matter how much pain the devil inflicts on us, the reward is worth all the pain! I know sometimes I cry myself to sleep and sometimes beg Him to take me home! I don’t get angry because He isn’t ready to do that yet! I continue to do His will because I love Him beyond anything you could ever imagen and He promises that soon I can come home! That’s enough for me! Doesn’t mean ill not cry out again before my time here on earth is finished!

I knew when I took on this work, what was going to happen but the reward was to great to pass up! Remember the grand reward He offers for staying true to the end and you to no matter how much pain your in or how many times Satan torments you, that He is waiting for us and life after we ascend up to Him will be grand beyond your wildest dreams! Just hang in there! Many have come against me even family and friends have either left me or threatened me! Oh well they were not my true family because He is my everything and no-one on earth can take His place!

Make Him your everything and no matter who comes against you He will lift you up!

Believe the truth and the truth will set you free! Freedom is waiting for you, so grab it and let it fly you into eternal bliss with the hope of everlasting life! I have no doubts that the pain will get worse but I no longer care! It just makes me stronger and more willing to do His will! That keeps me going! It should you to!

For those who still have eyes to see, let me tell you this wont be and easy ride! As I’ve said over and over it is worth it, believe me! Ill keep doing His will until I can no longer move a muscle! We have to plant the seeds He left in our care and remember what He did for us! He held strong to His very end and gave His life so we might live! Most likely you will have to do the same!

Stay strong my brothers and sisters its almost over! Remember to call on the Holy Spirit for comfort and guidance! You will be surprised by the Holy Spirit and all He can do for you in your time of need! I only heard my Messiahs voice one time but it was clear that I had to do as He asked me! To be His messenger and since that night its been my only purpose forsaking everything and everyone to do His will! Am I perfect? Far from it but I feel my life has changed from an evil man to a very good man, whose heart that was once almost black as coal, to a loving heart that even a bugs life became something precious!

Enough of my ramblings! Go forth and preach His glorious gospel and do this to everyone you meet! If you haven’t already go to your knees and repent of your sins and spit in Satan’s face! Go get baptized and give your life to our Messiah and He will lead you to everlasting life! Just think, forever in Heaven with Him and the Father! What a glorious day that will be! I don’t get to say this often but I love you to with all my heart and soul! My prayers are with you, even though I never comment on your stuff! I have read them and enjoyed the many stories and recipes to! Ty ladies for those, I do try them! You know who you are! You are beautiful children of the Most High!

Just in case, I love you all! I don’t know how much longer my body can hold on but until it expires I’m here just a message away! If you need me just call and ill do what I can to help you! Have a great day and may His blessings be upon you!

Praise His Holy Name to time indefinite!


Published by Tobias

I'm a Child of Yahuah I'm spreading the gospels of Yahusha. Yahuah is the true name of God and His Sons name is Yahusha. The true Savior !!

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