The End Is Here!

What does it take to convince you that the end of this life is here! I know for a fact that the Father has blinded the majority and there is nothing we can do to help the blinded ones! For you who still have eyes to see, look around you! Look into the peoples eyes now and you will see nothing inside them! I’ve looked myself and I’ve seen the walking dead for many years now! I watched people all my life! I used to go to the big cities and I would go downtown and sit on the sidewalks and I watched people as they walked by! Sometimes I would sit for days watching until I could watch no more! I was saddened because I saw nothing within them! Just walking corpses’!

For over 10 years I lived among them and a very few would even talk to me! I seen very little charity or good will! I saw you pass those in need and leave them hungry! You left them to wear rags and when you did help you recorded your good deeds and you let the world see what you had done! What you do in secret is known by the Father and your reward awaits you! For those who exploited those in need with your videos, you to will be rewarded but I would not trade places with you for all the money in the world and I would not wish upon anyone the rewards you will receive!

The world is evil and produces even more evil! They teach their children to lust for money and teach them to hate because of color and nationality! That makes me so sad that they have taken the innocence from the children and made copies of their evil selves!

Children are innocent until the parents, schools, and evil teachers fill their minds with a hunger to get ahead in society, instead of teaching them the ways of the Messiah! The Messiah taught us to love but instead you teach hate against your brothers! You are greedy and a green piece of paper has become your god! Lust has filled your hearts and a need for flesh has filled your souls! Everyday many sell their souls for these temporary things that Satan offers you, for a heavy price! A price so high that many will see a burning lake of fire for things that bring temporary happiness! I wonder why those who have everything are committing suicided or they have lost their joy for living? Yet we are happy even in our pain because we know of the greatest treasure of all time! A treasure that no one on this earth could match, even if you offered us all the kingdom’s of the world!

One time the devil took the Messiah up on a mountain and offered Him all of his kingdoms for act of worship! He told Satan to get behind Him, that no riches this world he had to offer could match what His Father had waiting for those who turned down the devils offers! Those who followed Him would gain a treasure so grand that these kingdoms would look like trash in comparison!

Today our Messiahs sacrifice was in vain to most but a few have remained faithful and have given their lives even knowing that they to will be sacrificed for Him! Even knowing this, they stand firm and will not touch the forbidden fruits offered by Satan and his demons! Those few will receive the grand reward offered by the Father and the rest are walking down the wide road to destruction! Truly is that your desire or will you turn your back on this world and travel the least traveled road with us? Remember when it gets to hard for you, He is with you and when you fall and I’m sure you will, all you have to do is ask and He will pick you up and get you back on your feet again! When you get to your destination you will find the outstretched arms of our Father and His Son waiting to welcome you home! Forever and ever in paradise!

So repent before our mighty Father but you have to go through His Son first! Leave behind the things of this world and follow His heart not your own! Our hearts are filled with treachery! Don’t listen to ones who tell you to follow your hearts desires because scripture warns us not to! Satan is going to come against you and make your life a living hell! Rebuke him in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and he will flee, not permanently but a short time, so you can regather your minds long enough to fight him! Temptation’s will not end until you are dead!

Will you take on the life that our Messiah lead? Or will you take the easy path to destruction? Your choice! The Father gives us free will and only you can choose witch path to travel!

Praise His holy name forever and ever! When you need help call His name and He will send the Holy Spirit to help you! Remember to pray over everything you do! Be clean before you call on the Holy Spirit and before you read the scriptures and the truth will be reveled to you! Have no hate for another and if you can, try to make amends to those you have harmed! If your not able to do so, then give it to the Father, He is very forgiving to those who are truly repent in their souls!

Go forth and make disciple’s as He commanded we do! The sooner we get this done, the sooner we go home! If only one of you repents and turns their life over to the Father! Then not only the Father will rejoice but the Messiah and the angels will to! Hey so will I! Bring us some happiness for a change! I only wish I could see what the Fathers sees, when you repent! It would bring me great joy!

Hallelujah! All praise and glory to our Father and glory to the Messiah!


Published by Tobias

I'm a Child of Yahuah I'm spreading the gospels of Yahusha. Yahuah is the true name of God and His Sons name is Yahusha. The true Savior !!

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