A Bugs Life!

Tonight I experienced grief over something so small and most people would kill this tiny creature without remorse! Tonight though, something inside me snapped! I killed a lighting bug! A beautiful creature made by His own hands as every living creature was made by Him! I don’t know why but my insides were torn and I couldn’t stop crying for this tiny creature! I picked it up, I cried over it! It started to move, so I held it my hands and prayed over it and it started to move! A few minuets later, I took it outside and it flew away! I grieved for a bug and the Father brought it back! Now I’m overjoyed for this tiny bug!

If He can do that for this tiny creature! Ask yourselves, why cant He do that for me? He can and all you have to do is ask!

I often cry myself to sleep when I look at this world filled with pain and violence and pray to my Father to take me from this wicked place! My only desire is to be with my Father, so ill never feel the pain or grief again! To be in His presence is my only desire but I have to finish His work! My desires align with His because I know Him on a level like I’ve never known Him before! I wish that what’s coming didn’t have to happen but in my heart of hearts, I know it cant be avoided!

I would go to my knees and beg you to repent if I knew you would! I would gladly lay down my life if it would wake you up! But the majority are asleep and I have no power to wake you up, as sad as that makes me! For those who are awake, please get right with the Father! Accept His Son as your personal Savior! Repent now before its to late! The end is here but I can do nothing of myself to help you! I was sent out to plant the seeds! Its up to Him to water and grow those seeds! There is nothing no one can do to save you but yourselves! Accept His offer or the consequences will be dire!

Please do as He ask and He will forgive you of your sins and like my little bug friend you will live again in His kingdom forever and ever in peace and harmony!

Praise His Holy name forever and ever! Ty, Yahusha for the grand sacrifice you made! Glory to you forever and ever! I cant wait to meet you! You are my Hero!


Published by Tobias

I'm a Child of Yahuah I'm spreading the gospels of Yahusha. Yahuah is the true name of God and His Sons name is Yahusha. The true Savior !!

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