Nudity Innocent?

Genesis 1:27
“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

A long time ago as a child we loved to take off all of our clothes and go swimming both boys and girls! We thought nothing of it. It was fun and it was like freedom! We never looked at each other as something that was unnatural! It was a beautiful thing, we had fun and sex was far from our innocent minds!

The woman was created from the rib of Adam who was Eve! Both were naked and never a thought crossed their minds that this was dirty thing. To them it was natural. Then the serpent convinced Eve to eat the forbidden fruit! She then relished that she was naked and so Adam ate to and both were ashamed of their nakedness! Once innocent, now they felt ashamed! Once they realized they were naked they fashioned fig leaves to cover their shame! The Father knew what they had done and cursed them back to the dust from which they had come! He removed them from the garden and placed angels at the gates to keep them out. Forever they were banished to work by the sweat of their brows until the day they died, now cursed and brought this curse upon all mankind!

Now Satan has perverted what was once beautiful in our Fathers eyes! To me this very day I still see the beauty of the body, not in a perverted way but as a work of art! The way the Father sees it! Man has taken these works of art and perverted them and has destroyed what once was beautiful and made it ugly! So the Father saw what man was doing and cursed him with many diseases! Mans desires for man and woman for women made Him very angry! Sodom and Gomorrah the first to be destroyed for their lack of morals! An entire civilization was wiped out and still to this day no trace of them has been found!

Satan still whispers to man and tells them that Yahusha came to save us from our sins! That if only we believe we can still indulge in our sexual desires for the flesh! The marriage arrangement is almost extent today because lust for the flesh has now taken the place of this sacred arrangement called marriage! Now men and women either live together in sin or divorce one after another looking for the right mate! Men now lay with men, women with women all an abomination to the Father!

Yahushua’s grand sacrifice seems to have no effect on these ones at all and the churches accept the foul things that you are doing because Satan has taken hold of religion and has assumed his place now as an angel of light! His demons now have assumed the places of ministers preachers and other so called holy men! You have been deceived by the unholiest of all! Satan The Devil!

What was once a pure thing is now defiled! The art that the Father created is still there to those who see the human body as the Fathers greatest accomplishment! When a baby is born most don’t see the nudity of the baby but appreciate this child as a work of art! Not dirty but pure in its form! Young children now are being abused by sexual predator’s everywhere you go now! The times I spent as a child are now dead and gone! What once was a beautiful thing is now perverted beyond any kind of reasoning!

For myself I don’t know what I would do if I knew you were having relations with a child! I’m not even sure Yahusha if He was here now, could control the rage I feel for you! Is that righteous wrath? Hell yes it is! So if you value your life never let me see you harm a child or a woman because you wont have to wait for the Fathers wrath! I’m afraid I would not be able to control mine!

Repent of your sins turn away from the desires of the flesh! Return to the Father and ask His Son to redeem you! Stop sinning and get right before Him! Impending wrath comes upon you!

Praise be to the Father of all creation! Praise be the Son who came to deliver us from sin!

I hope sincerely that you all get right with the Father! Your time is almost up!


Published by Tobias

I'm a Child of Yahuah I'm spreading the gospels of Yahusha. Yahuah is the true name of God and His Sons name is Yahusha. The true Savior !!

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