All I ever hear from the black generation over and over, is you keep going with you past history complaining, causing riots and your own race kills each other daily!

What about the children who are enslaved daily there are no special ones taken but every race out there they are losing their children to slavers and molesters of every color! Their are White slavers! Black slavers! The Chinese, Mexicans, every race their children are abducted every minuet of the day! Tell me where are the rally’s for them! Have you no hearts? Your plight I don’t condemn and believe me I understand but your not the only ones affected here!

Young girls of every color are being turned into sex slaves! Babies being taken from their parents and even being slaughtered and eaten even raped by Satanist and other insane people! Think about that while you rally for your race and I’m speaking to all of you! Rally for all the children being taken from their homes daily! Its not just blacks that are being slaved!

Join yourselves together and fight for each other instead of against each other for Gods sake! Your hate for each other saddens the Father and the Son because Love He wanted for all! Join together and stop the hate! Join together because color is only skin deep! Stop hateing each other! Your acting like fools! The children need you!

The ones being bullied need you! Women of every color are raped daily but do you help them? Wow this planet isn’t fit for our children to live in! I hope the Father takes them all up to be with Him! At least they will have peace with Him! Most parents aren’t worthy to even have them! That is my prayer! I’m not white or black! I’m no color at all! I’ve lived with all of you at one time or another and never have I ever looked at a man or woman with color to make me hate another! For Gods sake come together and fight prejudices!

Join together as the Father would want you to! Love is the key here! Love each other as He loved you! He came as a human sacrifice for all! Not just one race! Do as He commanded!

Love the Father above all! Love your Messiah second! Love one another and put away your differences! For the love of God Repent before you are destroyed!

Praise be to our Father! Let His name be glorified before the entire worlds and let His will be done! Not yours!


Published by Tobias

I'm a Child of Yahuah I'm spreading the gospels of Yahusha. Yahuah is the true name of God and His Sons name is Yahusha. The true Savior !!

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