The Greatest’s Love!

All through history there has been many great love affairs! Some from great men and some not so great! Iven seen many couples who loved each other more than anything in this world! I’ve seen young men love older women as much as any man could! No they were not gorgeous or what some consider good looking! But I remember their hearts entwined until death! I’ve seen couple’s grow old together and their mates passed and due to their great sorrow they died shortly after! Their loss was to great to bear and today I cry because their loss was great! It made me sad as I wrote this!

Love is the greatest joy for those who are truly in love with their mates! Their love was beyond your regular love for appearance. It was soul shaking to watch! I often dreamed of such love but never found it! Until He found me! It wasn’t anything to do with the physical, It was to do with my heart! He captured my heart and my very soul with His love! The greatest love ever known to man!

This man came to earth leavening His place by the Fathers side to come to earth to redeem man of His sins! He knew what was going to happen even before He came and He did so anyways, knowing the pain He would suffer from the very ones He came to save!

That man was our Messiah, the greatest love man has ever seen or known! But like most loves today what He gave seems to have gone in vain for most! He must feel great sorrow because everything He taught has been ignored! I cry for His sorrow and I am greatly saddened by what men do today! I don’t feel sorrow for man but for His children who will suffer as He did because they took up His torture stake and follow Him to their very end! And for the children who suffer the agony of this evil world! Bullies plague this earth praying on the weak and the helpless! Not many will raise a finger to stop those who bully others! Because they fear! Not the Father but fear of man! How sad is that and many call themselves Christian but in name only!

This world has become a den of evil and His sacrifice is not even acknowledged by the majority! I cry because of Him and I cry for the innocent who will be slain for His namesake! As for the evil I hope you get what you deserve! The lake of fire is to good for you! May my Fathers will be done and my Saviors death be avenged!

All glory to our Father! Let His will be done!

Ty so much Yahusha for all you went thru for us even though we do not deserve you!

As for me I will serve you to my very end! I love you both!

I dedicate this to you Yahusha!


Published by Tobias

I'm a Child of Yahuah I'm spreading the gospels of Yahusha. Yahuah is the true name of God and His Sons name is Yahusha. The true Savior !!

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