Your Sinful Nature!

You know I see all kinds of porn and men and women showing everyone their shameful nature! Its fine to admire the human body! The Father made woman for man and man for woman but as husband and wife! Love has been cast out the door and lust has taken its place! Just like Sodom and Gomorrah which the Father cast down fire and brimstone and destroyed them all! Noah and the flood! Everyone was destroyed but one righteous man! Noah and his family! One man He choose from the whole world! Todays preachers are accepting things that the Father forbid men from doing! Homosexuality was an abomination to Him! Just because Yahusha came and sacrificed Himself for your sins, He didn’t ever say Its ok, now you can do anything you want!

There was an incident where the prostitute was about to be stoned and He said those without sin should cast the first stone! They all walked away! Then He knelt down to her and said sin no more! He dint tell her, Oh its ok, go back to what you were doing, did He?

If the Father hated a sin so much that He destroyed a complete civilization for those sins! What makes you think He is ok with it now! He never changed His mind about sin! The payment will be the lake of fire! You have been deceived by the one who appears as an angel of light and can also transform himself into any minister and also his demons can transform themselves to!

Satan challenged the Father and told him he could rule far better than the Father could! So the Father gave him this world, until the appointed time! When the time came the Father would have His vengeance on those who choose Satan over Him!

I look around and see so many who say they love Him and Yahusha but by their fruits, I also see they have been deceived by an angel of light but evil he is and so are the majority today! Given in to sin but proclaiming a love for our blessed Creator!

The Father is sad and angry! They prepare now for the greatest war man will ever see and the anti christ will soon make himself known and three quarters of this earth will follow him to their eternal deaths! If that’s what you want, then so be it! I have no more tears for you!

Get right or perish. Call upon the Holy Spirit for guidance and repent and be washed clean in His precious blood or be dammed for eternity! Then go forth and preach His gospel! Failure to do so means everlasting torment! Be baptized by someone you trust in the name of the Father, Son, And Holy Spirit! Be cleansed of your sins and sin no more! Being saved was not permission to sin all you want! You are gravely mistaken! Will you fall short? I’m sure you will but don’t wallow in it, get up and proceed down the road with your head held high! The Father forgives our sins as long as your not doing them, thinking, Oh He will forgive every time I do them, so ill just keep sinning! True repentance is when you grieve for your sins! You feel guilt, so you try not to do it again!

You homosexuals’ are deceived and you witches and pagans better repent and turn away from your evil to! The churches might except you now, but the Father does not! Repent or perish! Formication is not accepted either! The Father wants you to get married not live together in sin! Period! Also beware the customs of men for they are not of the Father! Most holidays have pagan origins, therefore they are evil and if you celebrate them ,you offend the Father! Research them yourselves!

For those of you who abuse His children sexually, mentally, or physically! Your price shall be the highest of all! You better repent now! You will bring down His wrath upon yourselves and special place is reserved for you in Hell!

If your minister is telling you all these things are ok! You might just rethink who your putting your faith in! Call the Holy Spirit for guidance! Put not your faith or trust in any man because Joshua said all men were liars! Read the Bible yourselves, you don’t need the interpretation’s of men! Don’t believe me either! The Holy Spirit is your interpreter! Yahusha sent Him for you to call on anytime! But know this, He will not come to those who are practicing sin! So repent and He will come!

I was not sent to quote scriptures to you! I have been sent to tell you that you need to search the scripture for truth! Don’t depend on me or any other man for your salivation! I’m the seed bearer! I plant the seed and He is your caretaker! We were not sent to even watch you grow! We cast out the seeds and move on!

Do as the Father commands or perish!

So it is written So! let it be done!

Praise His Holy Name for eternity!

Ty, Yahusha for your precious sacrifice! I’m sorry they have made it in vain!

Amen & Amen!

Published by Tobias

I'm a Child of Yahuah I'm spreading the gospels of Yahusha. Yahuah is the true name of God and His Sons name is Yahusha. The true Savior !!

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