Social Media Baa!

Everyday I have to force myself to get on social media! All I see for the most part is garbage! Whores showing their bodies to everyone, no pride in themselves, whatsoever! I continually block people for foul language and a lack of morals! Common decadency has been thrown out the window! I even locked myself in my house to get away from the public! Its ashamed that many of us cant even have friends because true friendship is outdated!

The morals of this world are gone and only a handful remain! I cant wait to go to my Father and leave this evil place behind! There is nothing for me to hold onto here! Sin is all you see and people saying its ok to sin, if your saved! Yahusha said to sin no more but you twist His words so you can commit fornications, homosexuality’s and a variety of other sins and with the same lips profess righteousness’!

The more we warn you the worse you get! You believe you will be free of His wrath because you say, you believe! Well my friends keep listing to your preachers and when He does come you will be struck down by His wrath!

Believe scripture or men its up to you! For me and my house, We shall serve the All Mighty to the end! You take your world and burn with it! I no longer feel sympathy for you! You chose it! Now burn with it!

We try very hard because we love our Father to try to warn you but you say we are being to harsh! Well you think we are hash wait you have not seen nothing yet! Three quarters of this earth will feel His wrath and the Angels in heaven wait for Him and are ready to pour out the plagues on you! You better read Revelation’s very quickly!

We are about to stop our ministries and when He tells us that we are done! Then you the sinners will see His hand at work!

Be ready It comes soon! Laugh now but cry later! You think I’m being harsh! You have not the meaning of harsh yet! Repent and be made whole! Turn from your sins or suffer eternal damnation!

Preach the whole gospel and His warnings or you to will see His wrath!

All Glory to our Father Forever and ever!

I beg you Yahusha come and let your vengeance be upon these wicked foul creatures!

The Gospel!

The gospel is this! Love one another as I have loved you! Repent of your sins and try your best to sin no more! Will you fall short? Most certainly you will because the road to life is filled with pitfalls! But take His hand and He will help you to the end of the road to heaven! Preach the gospel to every living creature every chance you get! Preach His words of love but also His warnings to those who did not follow His instructions! The lake of fire is reserved for those who deny Him and those who do not warn their fellow man about the lake of fire! You are your brothers keeper and its your duty to correct them when you see them headed down the wrong path Love the Father above all! Love the Son! Love one another as He loves you! This is the gospel of Yahusha! Follow it or perish! Its your choice!

Praise Him forever and ever! Amen!

Published by Tobias

I'm a Child of Yahuah I'm spreading the gospels of Yahusha. Yahuah is the true name of God and His Sons name is Yahusha. The true Savior !!

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