The Wrath!

Is it not interesting how many will like your post on the love of the Messiah but when you start warning them of His wrath the likes dwindle extremely! It seems that the majority ignore the warnings being sent out by His messengers! They have killed His messengers over and over again! Yet we still come ignoring the fact that you might torment or kill us! They don’t want to hear anything regarding Revelations, most totally ignore it completely and even know very little about the Revelation’s! That’s funny isn’t it that the majority think they are saved just because they believe they are saved by grace! In revelation’s it says the majority would be destroyed from lack of knowledge! Three quarters of the earth would suffer His wrath!

The churches of today even tell people its ok to commit abominations and they are saved by His grace! Witchcraft is being accepted by the churches and homosexuality’s! Tell me the scripture where its ok to sin and you will be saved from His wrath! Didn’t Yahusha say to sin no more, not sin all you want I have you covered! Satan has done a good job of misleading the majority, ill give him that! But praise, I give him none! He is a deceiver and comes in many forms disguising himself as an angel of light and his demons disguise themselves as ministers and preachers doing the will of the Father but in reality they are dong satan,s will!

The majority refuse to hear the truth because they have been blinded by our Father as it was written He would do! Here is the scripture as proof!

2 Thessalonians 2:11
“And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:”

Oh I do believe that this is the very thing He has already done! They have chosen the lie over the truth and for doing so, the lake of fire they will go, along with Satan and his demons! Many believe they are free of judgement just because with their lips they confess His love but in truth their hearts are far from Him! They believe its ok to sin and go to war for their countries and salute a flag that has been bathed in the blood of innocents! Idol worship is widespread over the earth! They praise their government’s who bathe the earth in blood with innocents with their wars and tell the foolish people this is for God and country! This has nothing to do with the Father! He detest war and your governments’ He has turned His back on man and if it wasn’t for the Messiah, He would destroy all of you! He Will soon bring them down and His Kingdom will be brought to earth! Read Danial’s prophesy!

They believe its ok to participate in the evil of the world and its ok to commit formication, homosexuality, witchcraft , paganism, adulteries, lying, cheating, and many other sins and still be under His grace!

You better wake up! But I doubt you will! I have very little hope that the majority will see the truth and before you know it all those sending you warnings will disappear and you will be left behind! The Messiah will take them and you will be left to suffer His wrath still waiting to be taken up to the sky’s! But you will be waiting here and never see that coming because you refused to read the scriptures on when that coming was to take place!

You believed it would come before tribulation but Matthew was quite clear that would not happen until after tribulation! (Read Matthew!) That you the majority would suffer the plagues because of your lack of knowledge and the righteous would receive a mark that would protect them from His upcoming wrath! Only those with the mark would be saved from the plagues! The rest who believed the devils lies would suffer unlike mankind has suffered before! They to would receive a mark in their palms or foreheads! The mark of the beast! 666!

The plagues of Egypt will be nothing compared to the plagues that are about to be poured out on mankind very soon! The antichrist will deceive them even though they were told of his coming! That’s how blind the majority have become!

In reality they already follow him to their doom!

Read Revelation’s or perish with them!

Let His will be done on earth as it is in heaven! His Judgement is upon you! Most will ignore the warnings as they have done over and over all through history!

So it is written! So it will be done!

Praise be to our Father and your father be damned to the eternal lake of fire!


Published by Tobias

I'm a Child of Yahuah I'm spreading the gospels of Yahusha. Yahuah is the true name of God and His Sons name is Yahusha. The true Savior !!

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