My Testimony!

I like giving it because it’s like giving praise to Yahuah every time I do. I was raised a Jehovah’s Witness and my childhood wasn’t that great! I won’t go into that let’s just say my dad was not a good dad. I rebelled against the witnesses and my parents and was kicked out of my home at an early age due to the use of Marijuana and other drugs. I moved to Livingston Texas being thrown from one place to another. So a guy I knew He was a Jehovah’s witness He was a good one(one of the few) He got me this house and it had no stove, no heat, and no hot water heater, (winter was a real you know what.) In my hatred fueled life for everyone especially my dad. I went to the library to find out how to curse him, so he to would feel the pain I was feeling. So I got a book on how to sell my soul to the devil. I did the ritual and believe it or not and to my surprise, he came, Him and his demons!! My contract was signed in my blood, not for money or fame but for vengeance on my dad. I cursed him by doing this and I believed then that I had made a mistake but filled with hate for him I would not lift this curse on him.

The day after I did this, I took the books back to the library and low and behold I met some men in white robes declaring Jesus had returned that I should not go to war but live in peace with all men. I was intrigued and got on their bus and they took me home and they fed me and told me that I should leave all my possessions behind and follow this new Jesus. So I did, I took off my shoes and got on their bus and left. We got to Austin where I left the bus to travel with a man named John. Now get this, I’m barefooted in a white robe now following this stranger I just met. Well, I spent a few years on the road with them and decided one day I wanted to meet this Jesus so I went up in the mountains of Hemet California to meet this so-called messiah. Lol he was a joke as soon as I met him I knew in my heart this was not Jesus at all. So I left them after a while. I did spend a total of five years with them but as I said I went my own way and off and on I returned to the highways because out there I was free to see nature and see the country by walking the highways.

I loved it but sometimes it was really hard because freedom comes with a price but I was far away from those who had brought me so much pain and heartache. I was willing to starve myself to keep from looking at them anymore. I never stopped doing drugs the whole time because it took me away from this world that I hated and filled me with solace for very short periods of time. I was deceived by myself believing that meth and cocaine, acid, weed would help the pain I felt in my heart, but things just got worse as I went along, I lost my will to live, so I started to get depressed more and more, at first I took overdoses looking for death and relief of the pain I was in. So one day I took a massive overdose and for some reason, the police came to my door. I was dying as they sat and watched me fade they wanted to take me to the hospital but I refused so they waited till I passed out. I had taken 3 bottles of sleeping pills so I didn’t last long. I died and they brought me back. I was so angry when I woke up. I thought I had made it out of this cruel world but I didn’t. I threw a fit, I cussed the nurse and cursed her for saving me so they shackled me and took me to a mental institution. It was not the first time I had been because I was on a mission to destroy myself. Well, I got out and felt that I might be able to go on, but still, I loved my drugs and kept doing them. One day I did a shot of cocaine it was a big one almost killed me. I got up after nearly dying and I rammed that needle into the sink and swore id never do hard drugs again and I never have.

Eventually I came to be in Virginia and I was in love with a woman I met online and one day I was at my computer can’t remember what I was doing but something happened to me. I signed up for a blog on blogger, I still have it. I began to type and felt funny chills ran over me as I typed much like what happens to me now. I began to warn people of things to come and to warn them to repent and I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to give my life over to the Father, It led me to be baptized and be washed clean.

I fell once more till recently a month ago I sat and I had a bottle of muscle relaxers. I had enough to kill an elephant but I wanted to say goodbye to the only friend I had left so I messaged her on messenger and told her I was going to kill myself. I couldn’t take the pain anymore, That I was being kicked out of the place I was in. I was tired folks. I wanted peace so bad. I had been crying for days and was very weak. I was one step away from death and my friend ask me if could afford my own place. She knew of a place across the street from her she told me she could help me, so I did just that I packed my stuff and I got my own apartment. She got me on her herbs and I had already been to her before to get off the poisons my quack D.r had prescribed me but I had fallen back into bad habits again but she got me straight. She and some others prayed for me and one day over here I prayed and forgave my dad finally in my heart and took my curse off of him and I believe it released me from my commitment with the devil. I once again felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and in doing so I started His ministry again and here I sit today to warn you of the dangers of Satan and his demons. This is my testimony honoring the most high God Yahuah. Bless you all in His holy name!

Thank the Father for sending the Holy Spirit to me and saving my condemned soul!

Remember your soul is not yours to sell, the devil tricks many into believing he can take your soul! But remember this, Satan is the master of lies and deceit! So if you believe your soul is lost. Its just another lie of the devil! Your soul is not yours to sell!

Praise His Mighty name Forever and ever!


Published by Tobias

I'm a Child of Yahuah I'm spreading the gospels of Yahusha. Yahuah is the true name of God and His Sons name is Yahusha. The true Savior !!

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