The Next Adventure!

I’ve had many adventures in this life and it would take me years to go through it all but I’m about to start a new adventure and I’m going to leave this world behind! If you ever watched Lord of the rings remember Bilbo longed for more adventure and in the end, he could not take society anymore and walked out of his home and left for a new adventure! I relate to Bilbo I’m not a man who likes to stagnate for too long! So I’ve ordered everything I need to go on my last earthly adventure but this time I take my friend with me, The Holy Spirit to preach the gospel one last time! When we are done my real adventure the one I crave with my very soul will begin and for eternity I can have adventure after adventure! I will play again in a new form and pain will cease and I can be with children and play with them! I will be able to do anything my heart desires. I’ve been taken to heaven and shown marvelous things that were beyond my wildest imagination! Your adventure will most likely be different from mine because as long as your desires are righteous the Father will give them to you! If you repent and give your life to Him, dreams become reality! It’s your choice but for me, I will serve Him and He will give me my heart’s desires!

I long to walk in the mountains and sleep beside the ocean and wake up to the sunrise, a gift from the greatest artist the world has ever seen! No canvas or pictures can replace His art! Even the desert has beauty if you’re looking! I don’t see things as others do because I see with eyes that the Father has given me and my desires are beyond the flesh. I see what He sees because He opened my eyes to see His creation as art, even a spider is very beautiful to me but the things of this world are ugly and I prefer His art over man’s crap! Your cities are ugly and dirty filled with people suffering as those who are well off, ignore those who have nothing! He’s offering you a chance to see what He sees and an opportunity to be with Him and show you things as you’ve never seen before! Join us! Repent turn back to Him and He will show you love as you’ve never felt before and wonders beyond any of your wildest imaginations! Give your life to Yahusha be made clean in His blood and eat the bread He offers! It cost you nothing in return! Repent and sin no more!

You know I could have had any job I wanted! My dad even asks me one time how I learned things never taught me and school was never an interest to me. My mind goes and never stops, so I put that to use. I learned everything I desired to know there are no limitations to what I could have learned but to be truthful I didn’t want to be tied to a job, I wanted to do things and help people, not get money for it. That took the joy out of it. Money has never been an issue for me. The Bible I took a great interest in but it confused me for a long time! Then I was told to call on the Holy Spirit because He would give me the knowledge I was seeking but still, it didn’t come till later and when He did, things started falling into place.I began to understand the parables Yahusha was teaching and slowly my eyes opened to all the lies I was being told and I could see as He sees! It’s in the Father’s time that you have to wait and when your desires become His, He will show you everything is not as it appears! He will show you the lies the devil has made as a false truth! Don’t be deceived because many out there are teaching you lies and satan has appeared as an angel of light and his demons have been sent out among you as preachers of false teachings!

I’m not going to be here much longer! I have to go and tell others what I’ve seen and heard! I’ve relayed His messages to you and soon i’ll leave to tell others His message. Time is short and like the Apostles, I have to follow their example and give up everything to do His will! So I’m preparing to go into the cities and do just that! I will preach the gospel to whoever will listen! It’s my calling and when He calls you it’s best to do His will and not your own! Very soon the gospel will end and His grace will be lifted from this earth. I pray you to take heed to what you have heard and repent of your sins and go forth among men and teach them His gospel

Published by Tobias

I'm a Child of Yahuah I'm spreading the gospels of Yahusha. Yahuah is the true name of God and His Sons name is Yahusha. The true Savior !!

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