A Festival Of Angels

A Festival Of Angels The Messengers Of God!

Men have been sent among you to spread the gospel of Yahusha! These mere men have given up everything to do the will of our Father! We are not even close to perfection although we pray with all our hearts and souls to be like our loving creator and His Son! We want nothing more than to be with Him forever in paradise! That is our dream to get as far away from the world and its traditions!

We don’t need the ways of this world! There is no greed in our hearts, material things we have no interest in! We let our Father Rule over us and His Son is our only King! We are surrounded by Angels who protect us! The devil is in a rage and he comes against us in full force! He no longer temps of with the things of this world because finally he realizes that we are not going to serve him, so he turns everyone against us and brings us pain and suffering but we are the servants of the Father and no matter what he does to us we will endure to the end until the gospel is needed no more!

This message is to everyone out there who suffers for the sake of Yahusha! Stand firm, Satan will come against us full force and the Father will let him. He came against Yahusha and he will us to ! He will persecute you till the day you die and he is relentless! He hates us and so do the majority of men.

The governments will come against anyone who turns their backs on them! They will send out their armies to destroy us because we chose Yahusha as our King and deny there rulership over us!

Man cannot rule over man he has never been a righteous ruler and never will be!

Praise our Mighty King who will come very soon and crush the kingdoms of earth and destroy all these evil men who claim to rule over us! The Angels prepare this very minute to wage war against man and the devil they serve! The Horsemen are preparing to pour out the first plagues and they will ride against man because they chose an evil ruler over our great King Yahusha!

Yahusha soon will come against man with a sword in His Mouth and Fire in His eyes to strike down the kingdoms of this earth, so that He may establish His kingdom here on Earth! This earth now shall be burned to a cinder and a new earth will come and a new heavens! No more death! No more Wars! No more suffering shall be on Gods Holy Mountain!

The Angels and those who remain faithful to the end will rejoice and sing praises to our Father and Our King Yahushua! We will finally be able to walk with the Father once again and sit beside our King Yahushua Forever & Ever Amen!

Praise be to our Mighty Father & to His Son our only King! Forever and ever!


Published by Tobias

I'm a Child of Yahuah I'm spreading the gospels of Yahusha. Yahuah is the true name of God and His Sons name is Yahusha. The true Savior !!

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