The Morals Of Wizard Of Oz!

Theres is a moral or two to this classic movie!

Many years ago a man wrote a book which they made a movie about called the Wizard Of Oz! I don’t know if some of you have ever seen this movie but i’ll tell you some of it as i go along! A small girl from Kansas was unhappy at home and she ran away! Her name was Dorothy! ( I had a huge crush on her as a child) Dorothy was unhappy at home because no one seem to care about her and her dog Toto! So she ran away from home! Not far down the road she met a man a very wise man who told her that her aunt was crying of course he only pretended to see this in his crystal ball! Even though he was a fake he had a heart and wanted Dorothy to go home!

A great tornado was very close to Dorothy’s home and her family had already gone into the storm cellar! Well she was caught in this tornado and knocked unconscious and the house was lifted into the air and landed in Munchin Land!( Of course i’m not going to tell you the whole story! Go watch the movie! I have a point to make)

Well Munchin Land was the most beautiful place she had ever seen but not even as beautiful as this place was here in her heart which was Kansas with her family! She met may odd people in Munchkin Land! The Munchkins! Little people! And a good witch and a bad witch! Now she was told that she had to walk to see a wizard to get back home! So she set out on her journey to Oz

Down the road she met a scarecrow who had no brain but was smarter than most people who do have brains! He wasn’t as stupid as he thought he was! Sometimes you don’t need brains to have common sense! That’s a natural thing that most ignore! The scarecrow wanted a brain though so Dorothy convinced him to go with her to Oz!

Down the road the met a man made of metal and he was made without a heart! Sometimes a heart can actually get in your way! He was better off without one he had something much better! He had more heart than most who really do have one! He had the soul of a very good man but still wanted a heart! So Dorothy convinced him to come to Oz!

Well, a bad witch wanted Dorothy’s slippers and would stop at nothing to get them! Just like the devil will stop at nothing to get your souls! She was wicked through and through! Her heart was black as coal and many today are just like her! So the scarecrow and the tinman they were afraid but brave also nothing was going to stop them from getting Dorothy home! They put aside their desires and fears to help Dorothy! Not many would do this for others today!

So down the road these three brave souls went until they came to a dark forest. Not knowing the dangers ahead they went in! Not many would have had the courage to continue! Just like the road we travel is dangerous and dark and many turn back and go down another road paved and well lit!

So onward they went deeper into the forest! Then they heard an awful roar and a lion appeared acting mean and furious, the tinman and the scarecrow were scared out of their wits and this lion went to attack Toto but Dorothy was brave and protected her dog and slapped the lion on the nose! To bad that a little girl showed more bravery than most grown men today! The lion began to cry and Dorothy felt sorry for him because really he was just a coward! He was afraid of everything! Just like most today, who act brave but when faced with danger show their true colors! So she asked the lion to come with them to Oz to get some courage!

They finally they get to Oz overcoming adversities most could never overcome! By the way the lion was way braver than he believed he was. The key to courage is believing in something greater than oneself! For many of us the Father gives us the courage to go on in this life and makes us Warriors not cowards and even lets us know its ok to be scared at times!

Well they got to the palace of the wizard but the wizard was harsh and uncaring as most rulers are! He told Dorothy more or less He wanted the wicked witch dead! So Dorothy and her three brave companions went out to a very evil place to destroy this wicked witch. And they did, they overcame their fear and went before a power greater than themselves and won just like us today! We go against the majority and against a power way greater than that what we as humans by ourselves could ever defeat! But we have a power backing us so great that no dark power could ever defeat us! Our power is the blood that was shed for us though the greatest man who ever lived! He was the Son of the true living God, Yahuah!

Dorothy got home because she believed! The scarecrow got his brain even tho he was smarter without one! The tinman a heart he never needed and the lion his courage which he already had! They persevered to the end and all those who put their faith in Yahusha and the Father! We to will soon go Home!

This was a fictitious tale but the morals a very real. You can get good from all kinds of things books, movies, music, and even some that are considered evil the Father will use to make His point!

Don’t underestimate our Father! With Him nothing is impossible!

Published by Tobias

I'm a Child of Yahuah I'm spreading the gospels of Yahusha. Yahuah is the true name of God and His Sons name is Yahusha. The true Savior !!

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