Should Men Be Rulers!

Let us go back to the days of Samual the great prophet of Yahuah!

In these times Yahuah was mans ruler and King over earth! He ruled righteously and any who came against His people were slaughtered! These were evil ones who decide to kill the Fathers people! But it seems His rule was not good enough for men. They went to Samuel and told him they wanted a King to rule over them. Samuel was not happy with their request but they insisted! Against his wishes he petitioned the Father and told Him the men wanted a King to rule over them. The Father was not happy with their request and reluctantly He gave them what they wanted! So Samuel was told by the Father to choose a righteous King to rule over the people and was given laws that this King should abide by!

Saul at that time was a righteous man in the Father’s eyes, so he was chosen as the first King over the people. Samuel was not happy but did as the Father requested and anointed Saul as King over men but he had to remember that Yahuah was still the true King over all the people and His laws were sacred not to be broken! Saul protected the Fathers people and slew anyone the Father sent Him out to slay because these ones were wicked! But Saul let things go to his head and did many things that Samuel and the Father disagreed with! He even went to witch which was an abomination to the Father even before this the Father had stipped him of his power as King! Yahuah had already chosen a boy to take his place!

This boy was David a meek shepherd boy who later slew a giant with a slingshot! David was loved by the Father because David loved the Father! He often sang to the Father and the Father loves when His children show Him love! David was one of the best rulers man had ever known! He made mistakes and paid dearly for them but still he was a good King! He followed the laws that the Father gave to all who would be King!

After David died the Kings after him seem to disagree with the laws that Yahuah had set down to follow, they even began to worship satan even sacrificing their own children to bale. King Manasseh did this but repented! Things got worse and the Kings began to enslave Yahuahs people and torture and kill them! So the Father chose a small child to grow up as an Egyption and even become one of the greatest men in Egypt and the Pharaoh love him dearly. But the Father had other plans for this mighty man of Egypt! His name was Moses! Moses being a righteous man didn’t approve of the Pharaohs way of dealing with the Hebrews and killed one of the guards! In fear he ran and also was banned from Egypt! He came back because he met the Father and was told to free the slaves, The Father poured out the plagues on Egypt until the Pharaoh let the people go! It wasn’t without resistance because once again the Pharaoh hardened his heart and went after them and was destroyed by the hand of Yahuah!

Over and over the Father showed men they didn’t need a man to rule over them! That’s the point i’m getting to! King Herod had become King and Rome was the master race over man. A kingdom that formed against the Father. Man had become so evil that the Father made a decision to send us a truly righteous King, His Son Yahusha! Yahusha came in a very unusual way through Mary the virgin! She gave gave birth to our new King! The King of Kings, Lord Of Lords! Three years He walked He preached the new gospel and made new laws and did away with some! No more eye for eye and tooth for tooth. No more violence! He preached peace and love! Even to love our enemies! He healed the sick, He made the blind see, He even raised the dead. He proved He was the Son Of God more times than He should have had to do! But the Scribes and Pharisees hated him and turned the people against this man of peace and love! They arrested Him and His apostle betrayed Him! Judas!

They took our King before Pontius Pilate to condemn Him to death for helping His fellow man! They even took Him before an evil King, King Herod! He would not condemn Him so they took Him again before Pontius. It was there He was condemned by the very men you serve today! He was beaten to a bloody pulp and spit on and a crown of thorns not just put on His head it was beat down on His head so that these thorns were piercing into His head. They beat Him relentlessly over over! They flogged my precious King until His skin was ripped from Him! But he never cursed them not one time! He prayed for their forgiveness over and over. They made Him carry the very thing He would be crucified on and for what, because He loved man and wanted us to love each other but hate was in their hearts and they spit on Him like He was a dog, This precious man who brought us peace and love was about to suffer the ultimate death! He was hung like a common criminal and the last thing He said to men: Father forgive them they know not what they do! He forgave the very ones who had brought Him more pain than any man could have taken! He made Himself sin so man could have a chance to repent of their sins and be forgiven! Then he asked Father, Why have you forsaken me? Then He said It is Done! He shed His glorious blood for all of us even the very ones who beat Him

Today if He came again the majority of you would kill our precious King again, i have no doubts about that. When He came the Father made Him King over earth. Men no longer were blessed as Kings over men Yahusha is our King! The ones who rule today are not blessed by the Father anymore that’s why evil is rampant over this earth today! You disregard the laws our King has set down, The law of love! You can’t love people with hate in your heart. You can’t love carrying guns and going to war. The Father does not bless wars anymore! He sent His Son to end all that but men disregard the laws of our Beloved King Yahusha!

So soon you will feel the wrath of Yahuah, Yahusha will come with a sword in His Mouth and fire in His Eyes to lay waste to your evil kingdoms! Not one of your great countries will be left standing and all your war machines and your armies shall be destroyed then the birds from the heavens will eat your flesh and your rule will be over and everyone will stand before the King and the Father to be judged and believe me, Mr President and all you ruers and false prophets and you false religious leaders, will take you place with your father satan the devil in a lake of fire which burns forever and ever but before you go you will bow before our Mighty King Yahusha! Everyone will go to their knees before Him!

I hope that you can see that men cannot rule because we already have a Ruler who does not lie and steal from you nor does He live high on the hog using the people to support your way of life, leaving them poor as you take more and more! Your judgement is due and it comes soon. Everyone who supports your evil kingdoms will a pay the price on the day you stand before the True King Of Earth! Turn away from this world and these men who are false to the laws of our King, They don’t follow the law of love but follow the opposite, the law that has no law! Satan rules theses men and if you back them then you back your lord, Satan The Devil! Repent before its too late! We are sent to warn you before its too late! Get on your knees before our Great King! Confess your sins before Him so He can forgive you and then you can come to paradise with us and live forever with the Father and our King! He will walk with us, not lord over us but embrace us with His love forever and ever!

Praise be to the King Of Kings and The Lord of Lords Let Him reign forever and ever!


Published by Tobias

I'm a Child of Yahuah I'm spreading the gospels of Yahusha. Yahuah is the true name of God and His Sons name is Yahusha. The true Savior !!

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