I hear many give advice on things they know nothing about. I take advice with a grain of salt or i just ignore it completely! There are thousands of people giving advice on what we should eat or drink. They say this is bad for you but another says its not! Each of these eggheads giving advice, have gone to the very same school. This to me doesn’t make any sense at all. I usually don’t give much advice unless i’ve gone through it already or its bible based! I research everything from a to z. I don’t take one person’s advice, i take my time to find out things for myself!

Believe me, I had to have some major faith in the last three weeks! I even thought at times that I might be the new Job. I burned my leg third-degree burns, it burned to my bone, and I’m diabetic with neuropathy to boot. I had so much pain and at times I confessed my sins to the Father and told Him if I had been bad I deserved what He might be doing to me! I begged Him to make this go away! I bawled like a baby! I screamed because it felt like I was being stabbed with a hot poker over and over! I couldn’t sleep I just cried all the time, I was almost healed. I used honey on it so it was healing fast and the Father to was on my side! But I made a mistake and I put a bandaid on it and it had adverse reactions and sent me to a world of pain like you wouldn’t believe! I began to believe the devil had entered my house and was torturing me so I began praying and crying out to my Father to save me from the devil. Then my body even my lips would go numb completely for a day at a time. Then it would come back but again I would cry to the Father and pray over and over all day that the Father would help me again, I would go numb! I went to the hospital and got some cream and some medicine for the neuropathy and they wanted to give me oxycontin for the pain but I refused because I’m an ex-addict so I went home and told my mom I was ready to cut my leg off I couldn’t take the pain anymore but my mom told me she was going to get me something non-narcotic and sent me a bottle of Tylenol and some Advil and told me to take one Tylenol and two Advil and it worked to a degree but my prayers and my cries to the Father had worked and I feel nothing now! You have to remain faithful and believe with all your heart and soul that He will help you when you can’t take no more! 

The reason i write this is the drs advice would have cause me to go back down a road i’ve already been on, that’s addiction and i know i can’t trust myself to take narcotics and she should have known better, Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease and:

That is the Truth!

Don’t take advice! Look it up for yourselves and never just take one person’s advice!

Published by Tobias

I'm a Child of Yahuah I'm spreading the gospels of Yahusha. Yahuah is the true name of God and His Sons name is Yahusha. The true Savior !!

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