I see things others don’t!

Why do i see things that the majority cannot see? Some see a person as a very good person but i see beyond the realms of what others see and feel. I’ve always been different than others! I’m brutally honest to a fault! If your were to ask me if i see you as being fat. I would tell you that you were! People don’t like me because i refuse to lie to them just to spare their feelings. Many of my so called christian friends always said: Oh its just a white lie, tell them what they want to hear! To me any lie is a lie no matter how big or small the lie is. The Father hates the lie so if i lie to you, i go against my Father’s will and only someone who is Godless would have me sin against my Father!

I see what the Bible tells me to see! Where many see what the choose to see. I see politicians as overgrown brats who steal, lie, cheat, and even murder innocents! Yet you the people say you love these ones and even choose them over the Father! Yahusha did not give His life so you could worship men! Oh i watch you on youtube, how you claim these politicians have your best interest at heart! I can’t see that at all! I see them as they really are! Demons! They draw the people away from the Father! They teach you to hate those different from you! They are childish beyond anything i’ve ever seen. Its like Romper Room is running the country. They even tell you they are no good but you can’t see it or hear it. Why is it, that only a handful of us can see people for what they are?

Why can we see everything you do goes against the very one you say you love? The Father has opened the eyes of a very small minority but many believe they are going to heaven. This is far from the truth. The majority of mankind soon plagues will fall upon you then you will be destroyed for your lack of Bible knowledge! Yet you go on living in sin believing you are saved! Your prayers are for this wicked world and you pray that the Father gives you things when you should pray His will be done in all things and you should give thanks for what you already have instead of asking for more! The American way is get all you can and slave for things and give your money to them so they can live the good life while you rot in yours! Many are starving and children go without, while these men you give praise to hold out the money you need! While they get rich off of you. They even beg for your money while they eat, drink, and party with money you give them, and also they have millions but you the people still give what little you do have. truly you are blind no doubt. For you i have no pity at all!

You suffer and give praise to the men who hold you in bondage instead of giving praise to Our Father In Heaven! You are dirty rags to Him and before you know it your masters will bring forth the antichrist and even being foretold of his arrival you will bow to him and take his mark. Then you will seek us out as you did all the saints and prophets and kill us all! That is what i see in my dreams I don’t trust not one of you. We tell you the truth but you embrace the lie! Many times we tell you the devil has come as an angel of light but very few see him as he truly is! You see him as your saviour! We see him as your destructor!

The Father has seen you in your sins, so He sends you a strong delusion to believe this evil messiah! His minions have taken the form of ministers of righteousness but indeed are dark in heart and evil in deeds. You embrace evil over good.

I write this not to warn the blind but to whoever is seeking truth and the true Messiah Yahusha. Seek out those who are teaching the Gospel of Yahusha and may the Father be with you because you my brothers you are surrounded by wolves ready to tear you apart!

My Father be praised and never ever put your trust in men!

Published by Tobias

I'm a Child of Yahuah I'm spreading the gospels of Yahusha. Yahuah is the true name of God and His Sons name is Yahusha. The true Savior !!

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