Oh how great thou art America!

America has been known from her very beginning for her greed and her prejudice! From day one blood was spilt for her and even the Bible speaks of her as Babylon the Great! Instead of welcoming migrants, you bullied them and killed them. You were the invader to begin with, when you came over on the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria! You couldn’t stand to make peace with the Indians, who welcomed you with open arms. Instead you raped their women and killed their men and their children in you prejudice filled hatred for those who were different than you! Your government wrote treaties with the Indians, thousands of them you broke! Then you had the audacity to call them savages!

Lie after lie you told the people and stole everything in your path. You took money from the people. You enslaved men of different color because you perceive they were not as human as the white race. You had men on the railroads killing the chinese! You had the audacity to go over to Africa and bind men into slavery, even Egypt is nothing compared to you! Even the Pharaoh had fear of the Father, but you have none and for that you will pay a very high price!

Right now the idiot you call a president is building a wall to keep people out because they are poor and there skin color doesn’t match yours. When did the Father say it was your land in the first place. He gave it to everyone not just you, you filthy rags! You claim to be a great nation but the Father looks at you in disgust!

It’s too late for you America you will will fall at the hands of Yahusha and all who follow you will also be destroyed! You serve the Beast not the Father you claim is your God but your god is the father of all lies and you are murders as he is. You kill anyone who stands against your way of life! Go on America you follow your men straight to hell.

I doubt anyone will listen to this message, your to far up Americas ass to even hear the truth about your so called great nation! By the way your flag is a false god! All those who give allegiance to it do so with the Father’s disapproval. All of you who chose the traditions of men also will fall before our mighty God, Yahuah. If you love this world then you do not love the Father! If you love America you do not love the Father! If you love the president a man who stands before God a murder and a liar! You will never see heaven!

That’s the truth! Now Live With It! Tear down the wall and treat all men as equals or pay the highest price a man can pay! I would tell you to Repent but it would be to no avail! 2000 years you have been warned and now the riders prepare to come. For those of you who can still see! Get out of her because soon very soon, she will be punished for her sins against God and against man!

The plagues will be poured out on you America and all those who share in your sins! You lay with the harlot and she drinks the blood of the saints and prophets and you share in that blood with her. Your blood will be asked in return but before that happens, you will suffer like no one has before. The plagues will be nothing to laugh at! You will pray for death but even death will turn a deaf ear to you. You will pray to the Father but He also turns a deaf ear to you! The consequences will be dire for those who refuse to obey the Father!

You’ve killed many messengers and Saints and the Prophets, now their blood calls for vengeance on you and the Father hears their cries and will soon have His day of vengeance on you!

For your sins America you will suffer a fate worse than Sodom and Gomorrah! Their end was quick your end will be like an eternal suffering. Not just you America but all nations will suffer the wrath of God! Then all will know who is the true King Of Kings and Lord of Lords! Before you die you will fall to your knees to our Almighty Father not one will be left standing! Then He will cut you down once and for all! The Birds of the air will feast upon your corpses! You will stay on your path i have no doubts that you will!

You think you worship the one true God but alas you serve your father! The father of all lies and soon it will be revealed who that is but by then it will be to late for you!

Published by Tobias

I'm a Child of Yahuah I'm spreading the gospels of Yahusha. Yahuah is the true name of God and His Sons name is Yahusha. The true Savior !!

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