The Road To Life!

There are some of us out here who speak plainly! We don’t try to manipulate you with words or promise you a good life after you have repented! We tell you that your life will never be the same once you repented but we never promise you it will be a rose garden!

The truth is, once you accept the gospel you will be attacked from all directions and tempted by every whore near you, every temptation you have even known will be presented to you and often it will come from those closest to you! They will try to convince you your making a mistake and if you stand your ground you will incite their angry! They might even become violent towards you or just turn their backs on you! Your life will cease to be as it once was when you take on the life of Yahusha!

If you find the road your walking on to be easy then you have not taken on His life! He warned us the consequences of taking on His life! He the endures to the end will be saved! You can’t say you were not warned beforehand! Believe whatever you want to believe but if you truly are searching for truth we are telling everyone just that! Are we perfect? Far from it but neither were the Apostles and it didn’t stop them from teaching the gospel.

If you like to sin and think you are saved then go back to your filthy churches and your filthy rags! Go to those who preach a watered down gospel, go to your church on sunday and began to sin as you usually do as soon as you leave your false churches and your religious leaders sight!

What we have to offer is a road to redemption and you have to work hard to get it! You have to suffer for His namesake! It’s a road filled with holes and jagged edges, temptation is everywhere you step. Voices will speak to you and entice you into sin the same snake who once spoke to Eve, now will speak to you! He will trip you and deceive you and he will work overtime to make you fail. Or you can take the wide road paved and easy, everything you desire is on it, whores for the taking and treasure beyond your belief! But at the end, a lake of fire awaits you.

The road to righteous although its a hard road but at the end, a treasure like no other! A place of peace and love! Your long treacherous journey ends to lead you to paradise!

It’s your choice the right road or the left. One easy and filled with your hearts desires! The other most times your lucky to get a moment’s peace! A road few ever take but the rewards at the end will be beyond your wildest dreams!

You will fall prey to temptation even the best of us do but please don’t lay in the mire, get up and go forward try your best not to fall again! Remember the Father is watching your every step waiting at the end of the road with His arms outstretched to welcome you home and love you for all eternity!

I Will embrace Him at my journey’s end and i know i’m going to cry and beg His mercy for my sins! Take the hard road!

Published by Tobias

I'm a Child of Yahuah I'm spreading the gospels of Yahusha. Yahuah is the true name of God and His Sons name is Yahusha. The true Savior !!

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