The End Is Upon Us Now!

You can call me an extremist a wako or anything you want but I’m warning you right now that this is going to happen soon! It’s coming faster than I perceived it would! I thought we had more time! But we don’t! The gospel is almost finished and when it’s done! All hell will break loose on this earth!

Next, the plagues!

The horsemen are getting ready to come and the Angels of Heaven will soon pour out the plagues upon you! I’ve seen it coming in my dreams! So have others! Get right with the Father! You don’t have much more time!

One time long ago Yahusha was called a blasphemer even was said: He was the Devil! He warned us of things that were coming and also told us of the signs to look for. That the only ones who would see these signs were those who had believed in Him!! Shortly after He was crucified for your sins!

Noah was called a fool and laughed at! He warned them up until the flood came and took them away! Only Noah and his family survived! Who’s laughing now?

Many times through history man has been warned to cease his evil and step away from the world! He ignores all those who came to him pleading with him to please stop what he was doing! The warnings you passed off just as in the days of Noah and like those who ignored those warnings you will pay the ultimate price!

You killed those messengers! Now You will pay for their blood! Their blood screams to the heavens to be avenged! The Father has not turned a deaf ear to these ones! He hears and soon will avenge them! Very soon you will come for us to! Even on this very day they torture and murder those ones who dare to carry a Bible! Over in Africa and even in China! Soon you will kill us to! Your great America will seek you out and hunt you down like a rabid dog!

Right now in the heavens the Father and Yahusha, all the angels are preparing for the greatest battle ever known to man! The Battle of Armageddon! The battle to end all battles! The antichrist will lead the majority to take his mark! He will promise to bring peace and security and the majority will believe him! Just as you do the government officials today even after the rob you of your cash, lie to you over and over and break the very laws they swore to protect! Even at this very hour they hold you hostage with you own money they sit up in the white house sipping wine and eating lobster on your tab! While playing games with each other, while you the people are being kicked out of your homes and your children starve! These same people you still support! These people even tell you they hate each other! How is this Godly in any form. So then if its not a form of Godliness then we must come to the conclusion! ITs of the Devil! Wake up People!

Listen to the warnings & turn away from the world & be saved! Ignore the warnings and you will die! Satan has become the angel of light and has deceived the majority! You see what he wants you to see! So the Father has sent those who choose unrighteousness a delusion to believe this lie! For these ones i don’t know if they can be saved but i do know that there are ones seeking the truth! That need us now! These ones are the messengers main concern now! We have no time to wake the dead. So let the dead bury the dead! We leave these ones to the Father!

So Messengers go warn the rest of these ones of what’s coming! Plant your seeds and get out as soon as the work is finished! Don’t dilly dally around there’s no time for it! Get out of Her People! Babylon is falling fast! We are not sent to save them, we plant the seeds and Yahusha waters and nurtures them as He sees fit! We also are not judges so plant those seeds and move on. If they don’t accept you, dust your feet and move on!

If you want to live and accept Yahusha as your Savior! You must do the following!

Repent of your sins and sin no more and i stress sin no more! Not mere words here but felt from the heart to your very soul! Grieve for your sins! If its sincere it will bring you to tears! Be reborn be made new in the image of Yahusha! (die of the old self and made new in His image) Go anywhere you can and be baptized in the Name of Father, Son, & Holy Spirit! You must be fully submerged! No head sprinkling! When this is done, Go immediately and start spreading this message anyway you can to the world! To every living creature! There’s no unacceptable way to spread the gospel! But be warned and i stress this warning, that if you choose not to spread the gospel! Woe unto you! Heaven you will never see! The other warning is this! If you preach anything other than this gospel, again Woe Unto You!

Always let the Holy Spirit be your Guide,Teacher,& Comforter!

Everything you have ever been taught you must forget and call on the Holy Spirit to reeducate you in His way! Not books, Not Videos and especially not men! Get on your knees and beg the Father for His wisdom and no doubts must be in you! Give 100% no less! If you ignore the messengers then you have only one thing to look forward to and that’s a lake of fire that will burn forever and ever! The choice is yours and only yours to make!

May the Father have mercy on your souls!

Published by Tobias

I'm a Child of Yahuah I'm spreading the gospels of Yahusha. Yahuah is the true name of God and His Sons name is Yahusha. The true Savior !!

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