It saddens me to no end that soon many will be destroyed for lack of obedience! The Father laid down ten commandments for us to follow! He did this to protect us. It really wasn’t much to ask considering that He was the one who created us! All He ever wanted was for us to love Him and live together in peace. At one time in the days of Noah man had become evil and cared not for each other or the Father. So He told Noah, the only righteous man left on the erth to build an ark. So Noah obeyed and the earth was flooded. All of mankind was destroyed and Noah and his family survived!

Later man again went back to their wicked ways and the Father in His great wisdom decide to send a Savior! He sent His only begotten Son Yahusha, so that we might be able to live without sin and be given the opportunity to live forever with the Father and Him in paradise(Heaven)! His Son had to be a blood sacrifice in order for this to happen.The Father knew that His Son would go through something that no man on earth could possible do! Im sure it saddened Him to no end as much as it would sadden anyone whose child would suffer in this way!

Yahusha for 3 yrs spread His gospel to as many as He could. He had followers they were called Apostles! The Apostles and Yahusha spread His gospel to everyone they met. The Apostles left their homes, wives and children to follow Him. Yahusha taught them the ways of love and many others also. He had many followers and He performed many miracles! He also taught a new commandment to His followers! Love, He said was this new law. Before He was crucified He told His Apostles to spread His gospel to the entire earth!

The gospel was this: Repent of your sins and be reborn in His image! Be baptized in the name of Father, Son & Holy Spirit! Then go forth unto all the earth and preach this gospel to every living creature. He also warned His followers that if they did not preach His gospel there would be a price to pay for those who knew the gospel but did not teach it. The price being refusal to heaven! So i admonish you to do as He commanded or pay the price!

Now over 2000 yrs later the gospel has been taught all over the world! As in the days of Noah they refuse to obey His simple commandment to preach the gospel and love one another! He also spoke that a time would come when the majority would be deceived by an angel of light(The false messiah!) That also the love of men would grow cold. Also many would teach false doctrine, there would be wolves among us. False prophets would be everywhere and many would claim to be Him. This has happened. False religions have sprung up everywhere. Many claiming to know the Father but their actions speak against them!

He also spoke of a great war that would come, called armageddon! This war would be the war between the Father, Yahusha, Satan & Mankind! The majority of mankind would take the mark of the beast and follow it. The beast would appear as the light and deceive the majority of mankind leaving only a few who were devoted to Yahusha. The beast and his followers would eventually hunt down Yahusha followers and persecute them and kill them.

In many countries today even to own a Bible is a death sentence and soon this will spread worldwide. A New World Order has been formed already to usher in this antichrist otherwise known as the beast. He will come to you as an image of the messiah. He will bring about peace for seven yrs and also bring about the Sunday law! That would mean everyone would do as they are told or suffer death! They would also bring into play a chip. This chip would seem very innocent and many will take it! You will not be able to buy,sell,or trade without it therefore it would be a one world currency. The beast will become the one world ruler and all would become his servants! He would also bring into play the one world religion and that he should be the one we are to worship!

After this brief time of his rule the one true followers of Yahusha would either be executed or in hiding waiting for Yahusha to come and to end his reign forever. The Father would send him to an abyss for 1000 yrs after all of his followers were destroyed and cast into the lake of fire. This is according to Saint John the Divine in Revelations!

Mankind would live in peace for this thousand years with the Father and Yahusha! But before all this can take place the Father would send plagues upon the earth. I believe that He has sent us a prelude of what’s to come if we don’t turn and repent of our sins. The coronavirus is that prelude and still they ignore His warnings! Very soon the world will see suffering like its never seen before. We have warned you over 2000 yrs to prepare you of His coming. Believe me, He is not coming as before(A man of Peace!) He will come with fire in His eyes and a sword to strike down those who would not obey His commandments!

Many today are following a false messiah already! The majority believe because they are saved that it is ok to sin by committing adultery, fornication, homosexuality, witchcraft and many others i can’t name them all. Witches are being accepted into your religious organizations so are homosexuals. These things the Father hated then and hates now. But the majority have accepted these abominations and embraced them. Soon my brothers & sisters He will come and all of those who are serving their governments and who are committing these abominations, even embracing these ones, will see the lake of fire and on judgement day, the Father will judge all those who have died and all those who lived thru the tribulation. He will then raise the dead from the earth and from the sea and they will be judged!

So if you are participating in the things of this world i suggest you get on your knees and pray for forgiveness and Repent Be Reborn and give your lives to the Father before it’s to late. If you take the mark of the beast(And Many Will!) There will be no hope for you! Thats why im telling you to Repent while you still can!

Repent of your sins! Be Reborn in His image! Be Baptized in the name of the Father Son & Holy Spirit! Go forth and warn every living creature of what’s to come to those who refuse to obey Yahusha and to live by His commandments! Woe unto you who refuse to preach the gospel. If you are ashamed of Him when it’s time for judgement He will not even acknowledge you!

This to was something He wanted us to do in love of Him we would help those who were less fortunate! If you see someone hungry Feed Them! If they have no place to rest give find them a place to rest!. If they are in need then supply them with all they need.For anyone you pass by in need you have passed Him by to. He will not know you on the day of judgement and you will see the lake of fire that burns forever and ever!


Published by Tobias

I'm a Child of Yahuah I'm spreading the gospels of Yahusha. Yahuah is the true name of God and His Sons name is Yahusha. The true Savior !!

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