The Bible!

The Bible was written a very long time ago! Long before King James was ever born or even Christianity itself! The apostles were inspired to write the scriptures by the Father Himself. With the help of the Holy Spirit. Back in those days take note that there was no letter as we know it today as a J in those text. So please tell me where you come up with the name Jesus Christ! That is a Greek name and the Messiah is a Hebrew!! (And just because its spelled different in another language, doesn’t change the fact that it still means Jesus Christ!!) (Just like my name in Spanish may be spelt different but, I’m still Toby!!) In the Hebrew text His name was Yahusha!! The Fathers name was Yahuah!! Yes the Father has a name! It wasn’t Jehovah because as I just mentioned there was no j in the alphabet back then, at least not in Aramaic!

Now here is what the Catholics had King James do! Instead of using the real names of the Father and Yahusha, they replaced it with lord, god, Jesus Christ and Jehovah! It is common knowledge that the names lord and god can also be references to Satan and other false gods. So when calling on the Father, its best to use the Father or when referring to Him, use the name Yahuah!. Remember King James was far from being a Holy man! He was a drunker-ed and somewhat of a sexual deviant. He was not inspired to write the scriptures by the Father, but by the catholic church to translate it. This is the reason I commonly tell people to call on the Holy Spirit while you read the Bible. You have to, so you can see the truth in it and disregard what King James and the Catholic church added.

If you have any knowledge of the Bible at all you would know the catholic church is far from being the chosen ones. Their traditions and their idolatry ways prove that! I’m not not judging here I’m speaking facts! they bow before idols and use what seems like pagan rituals in their services, not to mention the fact that they and many others celebrate holidays of pagan nature! Christians do this as well! Most think these innocent holidays are OK to celebrate, but I got news for you! They are not! Christmas is in no way a Holy holiday. Santa Claus was once known as Saturn a very evil god who demanded children as sacrifices. The Christmas trees was a druid tradition brought in to this holiday you call Christmas by the Catholics who have long been intertwined with paganism. The list goes on and on! Yet I see so called children of the Father send their kids out on Halloween the most evil of all holidays.

Have you lost your minds! You send your children to their doom and also you damn yourselves by you’re actions! You are part of the world that Yahusha told you to get out of. Your not the children of Yahuah, your the children of the devil! I don’t judge you, you have done it to yourselves! Are you that blind that you would stick your head into hell just to see what it looks like! Wake up people you are headed for a fiery lake if you don’t turn from the world very soon.

I’m no saint myself I’m a sinner and I don’t presume to be anything else, but to do what you are doing! I fear the Father way to much to disrespect Him as you do. You’ve been told over and over not to have dealings with the occult and witchcraft or even homosexuality, but you have people claiming to be Christens rallying for these people instead of trying to help them change! You back them up! Yahusha never once said! Hey don’t repent stay as you are you’ll be in heaven with me. NOOOOO!!! He said Repent and sin no more! Be reborn a new, not wallow back in the mire you were cleansed from. Get away from these false prophets or join them in Hell!!

As in the days of Noah you are and Sodom and Gomorrah have risen from the ashes now it covers the world and as before, it will rain down fire and destroy you and your wickedness. Get right before Yahuah. Yahusha said if we loved Him we would keep the commandments!! Not do as we wish and sin then tell others how righteous you are. Oh my I go to church on Sunday but for the most part you serve your real father the devil with your actions! But with your lips you proclaim yourselves righteous.

You are blinded by false prophets who only want your money! Your spiritual interest are far from their desires for you! I have nothing to gain by telling you these things! I have no church or even the need for money! I’m well taking care of by my Father! The true Father Yahuah!

It is not my concern for your well being! You want hell then go for it. As for myself, I want to be with the Father in Heaven and His glorious Son! The same Son who gave His life so you might have a chance to have everlasting life! But do you praise Him for His sacrifice? No you don’t, you laugh in His face by doing the things you do! I hope He forgives you!

Praise be to the Father in Heaven and Glory to Yahusha our King of Kings!


Published by Tobias

I'm a Child of Yahuah I'm spreading the gospels of Yahusha. Yahuah is the true name of God and His Sons name is Yahusha. The true Savior !!

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