See the love here!

Well, I have to say I envy those with loving families because to be truthful I never had that. I use to watch Leave it to Beaver as a child and often fantasize being the Beaver and having such lovely parents, but my life was not like that. That was a dream that regretfully I had to wake up from when the program was over. Remember if you have a loving family you have something special that some of us didn’t have and still don’t. We envy what you have! So love each other as He loves you!!


I wish this was me!!

I’ve always admired children! I never had much of an childhood. So I love to watch children at play and I often dream of what it would be like to be a child again and be able to play those childhood games. The children of Yah are a blessing to us! I was not fortunate enough to have any of my own! One of my many regrets in life!

Your children are a blessing don’t hurt them but love them while you have the chance! Shut off your TVs and all those other gizmos you own and go outside and play with your children! You only have them for a short while so why not take advantage of the moment because soon the world will get its hands on them and take them away from you and before you know it your life will be full of regrets! Believe me friends i know regret more than anyone could ever know. As i write this blog i sit in tears and my mind full of regrets. Don’t end up like me! Do something with the families you have! Don’t abuse your wives and children. Love them as Yahusha loves you!!


This is how it should be!

I’m writing this because I love children and I believe them to be a miracle of Yahuah! I’ve always admired the pregnant woman and a mother with their babies. Pregnant women have a special glow about them. It’s almost like the Spirit of Ya dwells within them. Maybe it does? Be good to your wives love them and your children as much as you love yourselves!

You parents need to be careful not to abuse your children and when your child seeks your approval or they are proud of something they done and want to share it with you! Don’t brush them off! Think about how you would feel if people ignored you! They feel it 10 times more than the adult does! Don’t crush their little spirits give them as much love as you can. Some of us wish we had that kind of love growing up, but it was a dream only for us and we often fantasize about it but always it was out of our reach. Do you want your children to feel this way? I know you don’t!

So be loving and appreciate what you do have! Spend time with your families. Really does money mean so much more than love. Love them as Yahusha loves you!! Let Him bless you and your families. Spend time reading the Bible to each other. Build them up and in doing so you bring more love into your household because you have invited the perfect love into your home.

Praise Yahuah

May He bless you and your families with His mighty love!

Published by Tobias

I'm a Child of Yahuah I'm spreading the gospels of Yahusha. Yahuah is the true name of God and His Sons name is Yahusha. The true Savior !!

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