True Beauty?

Sometimes even the smallest of flowers hold the most beauty. Because beauty is not measured in size or the outside! It’s measured in how you perceive it!! Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!!

I often wonder where a person gets their perception of true beauty. I don’t see beauty as of the flesh or the lust of it. Most of the women I enjoy company with are large and to some not very pleasing to the eye. But really does that even matter if the person your with looks different than what you wanted them to be! As long as they have the soul of a saint and there is love in them! Why not go for it! That’s a rare thing!

To many today seek love for the flesh not love for what’s within. That beauty you seek often comes with deceit and are evil on the inside and that makes them ugly to me. It’s not something I desire! Myself beauty is only skin deep! But the true beauty of a person lies within their soul and how much they love the Father and everyone around them. So you keep your raving beauties! I’ll stick with those who have inner beauty! The Beauty of The soul!!

Seek a good heart and soul! You can’t go wrong! Leave the matchmaking to the Father! He can lead you to the one you truly seek! He knows the hearts of the human, you don’t! He can give you your soulmate. Trust Him, if you really need a good woman or man pray for His guidance and He will send you who He believes to be perfect for you. Just because they may not be what you envisioned, doesn’t mean they wont love you more than anyone could ever love you!

Don’t take anyone who just wants to go to bed with you! Wait till your married! Do the right thing and the person you chose to marry will most likely be the best lover you will ever have and a true mate for the rest of your days!! Let the Father and Yahusha bless your union!!

Give them a chance, don’t turn down the one the Father has sent you because of weight or looks!

I’ll be praying the Fathers will be done in your lives!!

May you be blessed in the name of Yahusha!!


Published by Tobias

I'm a Child of Yahuah I'm spreading the gospels of Yahusha. Yahuah is the true name of God and His Sons name is Yahusha. The true Savior !!

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