Definition of dream 

To have a series of thoughts, images, or emotions while sleeping to have a dream!

Everyone has dreams even if you don’t know your having them. There are many kinds of dreams but i’m going to discuss Lucid Dreaming!!

Lucid Dreaming

lucid dream is a dream during which the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming. During a lucid dream, the dreamer may gain some amount of control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment; however, this is not actually necessary for a dream to be described as lucid.

I’m a lucid dreamer. I have dreams where i am actually and even physically involved with my dreams. Sometimes these dreams can be quite tiring, because it seems i never get to actually rest. It’s rare for me to sleep at all, but when i do it’s always lucid and very real. Often times i wake up screaming for Yahuah to help me, all the while rebuking satan at the same time. I dream mostly of armageddon and things that are going to happen. I believe satan attacks me in my sleep.

Once i had a dream that there were two buildings on fire and i saw people jumping from the building’s to their deaths. There was fire and smoke all around me. I told my friend at the time about it and she just said it was just a dream, but it was so real i couldn’t let it go. Three days later she calls me on the phone and tells me to go watch the news, so i did, and there were the twin towers in flames and smoke everywhere just as i had dreamed 3 days before. Of course i freaked out because for one it was a horrible sight and for another my dream came to reality. Im by no means a prophet. It only happened that one time.

There was one other dream i remember very well in detail. There was this man standing in a circle with a blue robe with all the stars of the heavens in it. He had no face it was just darkness. He had a staff in his hand and with a single thrust he raised the staff towards the heavens and fire shot up from the ground in a circle around him. The circle of fire begin to spread out around him it came closer to me and as i watched the fire began to consume and burn up people, some were spared but most burnt up, animals it did not touch or trees or anything of the earth except certain people and all of man’s creation. It passed thru me but i was untouched by it. It consumed the whole earth and it was over as quickly as it had started and most of all on the earth had been destroyed by this fire. He turned and looked at me and without a word he disappeared and i woke up.

Lately i’ve had more dreams and like i said i wake up screaming. Im seeing symbols of some kind (i’ve never seen anything like them before) in my dreams along with different variations of numbers. I don’t know what they mean and i pray constantly about them. But that’s not all, i see revelations coming to life in my dreams. According to my dreams the events to come make the coronavirus look like the common cold in comparison to the next plagues. I don’t know exactly what to make of all this,I do know what it says in the Bible, so i will not fail my Father anymore.

I must walk the straight and narrow or i too will be caught up in whats soon to come. I suggest you all get prepared for some very hard times ahead. if your having these dreams to, you might want to take heed to them. I know i am!!

I pray Yahuahs will be done in your lives!

May His blessings rain down on you!!

Published by Tobias

I'm a Child of Yahuah I'm spreading the gospels of Yahusha. Yahuah is the true name of God and His Sons name is Yahusha. The true Savior !!

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