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Born a Hebrew, He Had a Hebrew Name!!

The Savior was born of Hebrew parents, (Luke 1:27). It naturally follows that He would have a Hebrew name. “Jesus Christ” is a Greek name, and we know He was not Greek (see Luke 1:32; Hebrews 7:14). Being a Hebrew who came in His Father’s Name, (John 5:43,) the Son’s Name would be tied to the Father’s. It is no different with a son bearing his father’s surname today. And that is just what we find in (Matthew 1:21), where the angel told Joseph that his son’s Name would be based on the key fact that He would save His people from their sins. Thus, we have יהושע, a Name in the Hebrew meaning “יהוה is salvation” (Yah-oo-sha).

No such meaning exists in the Grecianized name “Jesus.” “Christ” is a shortened form of the Greek Christos, meaning “anointed.”
Being a hybrid, the name “Jesus” has no distinctive etymological root meaning. In fact, the letter J did not exist in any language until the time of Christopher Columbus. This is a fact provable from any unabridged dictionary under the letter J. Therefore, no one referred to Him as “Jesus” until the 15th century or 1,500 years after His birth.

The Anchor Bible explains His Name יהושע in a note on (Matthew 1:1): “The first element, Yahu (=יהוה) means ‘YAHUAH,’ while the second comes from sha ‘To help, save’” (vol. 26, p. 2). Translator errors in (Acts 7:45) and (Hebrews 4:8) in the King James Version testify to the fact that “Jesus” was wrongly inserted in the New Testament text for the more correct “Joshua” (Yahusha), son of Nun.

Modern versions have fixed this error. Why should we be so scrupulous and careful about what we call Him? Do names really matter? Does your name matter to you? His Name certainly matters to יהוה, who instructs us in no less than the very outset of
the Ten Commandments what His Name is, and in the Second Commandment that He expects us to worship none else, (Exodus 20:2-3). He also warns against falsifying His Name, which is done by the use of erroneous substitutes.

When we use another name in worship we are dishonoring Him and His Son by ignoring His specific commands to call on His Name, and therefore putting our will before His. To insist on using another name once we know His true Name is to defy the very One who gives us each breath. The four Hebrew letters of His Name are found 6,823 times in the ancient text, and He refers to His Name hundreds of times throughout the Scriptures. For example, He tells us to honor His Name (Ps. 66:2,4); call on it (Ps. 99:6); confess it (1 Kings 8:33); love His Name (Ps. 5:11); praise His Name (2Sam. 22:50); think on it (Mal. 3:16), and trust in it (Isa.50:10).

Common arguments against His Name are completely baseless. Nowhere in the Bible do we find any statement saying, “It doesn’t matter what you call Me, I know who you mean.” Neither do we find a single verse stating, “I have many names” or one verse that says, “All names for Me are acceptable if you are sincere in your worship.”
On the contrary, we learn that the truly sincere worshiper will honor His Father in all things, especially when it comes to His Name. יהוה is adamant that He has but one Name. The Psalmist writes, “That men may know that You, whose name alone is יהוה, are the Most High over all the earth,” (Psalm 83:18).

His people will know and be called by His Name, (Deuteronomy 28:10) tells us. He commands us not even to mention the names of other “deities,” (Exodus 23:13).
He says the false prophets have tried to make people forget His Name just as their fathers have “forgotten my name for Baal,” Jeremiah 23:27. Baal, the supreme deity of the Babylonians, is associated with the title “Lord.”

When we call on Him by the title Lord, we not only violate His command not to do so, but we also invoke heathen worship traditions and place Him in a lesser role than the heavenly Majesty that He is. (In English a lord is a husbandman and landowner, not a Supreme Sovereign of the universe.)

This is not my post! I borrowed this from another writer! I usually don’t but I agreed with this writer so I give it to you! You can believe this or not but scripture speaks for itself!

Father bless you all! Praise be His Holy name forever!


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